ComBalSat -CBS

 Centre of Excellence Project for Europe (CoE-EUR)

 Spectrum Management Program


Case Study—Item 5912

Tools for Spectrum Management

- Modular structure of the Spectrum management software

-  Examples for connections between modules and for data exchange.

- Software algorithm of the Case study

-  Structure of the software modules in Case Study.

- Radio Regulations (RR) Database including RR Art.5 table.

-  Software Demo modules for automation of the RR Art.5 table and for examining     the harmonization of national and international frequency tables....................................................

- Program Modules for Connections, Analysis and RR Tables upgrade                                                     

- Digital Terrain Map database (DTM) for Eastern Europe.

- Software Demo modules for using DTM                                                                                                    

-      Instructions for utilization of the Case Study in the education practice.


Case Study—Item 7827

Utilization of the ITU Spectrum Management databases

  The main ITU-BR radiocommunication and SM databases.

ITU Digitized World Map -IDWM


Database Space Radiocommunications Stations - SRS DB

Graphical Interference Management System - GIMS

Radiocommunication Data Dictionary

Planned Broadcasting Satellite Systems (RR App. 30/30A) database

Radio Regulation database

Database “Input data for planning digital broadcastings (RRC-06)”.

Database  “Results of the digital broadcastings planning exercises  (RRC-06)”

Harmonization of the national and international SM databases.

Heterogeneous Data Environment

IDWM and local input files

Connection of the ITU SM databases to customer programs.

Existing software modules, supported ITU SM databases.

New External software modules necessary for utilization of the ITU SM databases.

Examples of utilization the ITU SM databases in different projects.

Utilization of the Case Study in the education practice.

Test the databases.

ITU-BR documents and manuals for SM databases