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According to EC directives the digital switchover of the analogue TV in UHF for all member states should finished in 2012. Most of the new member states and the west Balkan states haven’t experience in implementation of DVB-T. This project will supports and coordinates the Harmonization and deployment of the Research Program and the Transition From Analogue to Digital TV broadcasting (DVB-T).

           Contribution to the improvement of the life quality standards offered to users, through easier and more transparent TV and information access. Adoption of the broadcasting operators’ viewpoint - enhanced network availability and optimal network resource utilization. Terrestrial last mile networks provide end-users with a high-speed access to the multimedia content located in the edge. Two way interactive DVB-T platforms will play this role.

Transition from analogue to digital TV broadcasting arises as a opportunity for broadband networking. Taking into account the networking aspects of the digital television, DVB-T can constitute the basis of a broadband access infrastructure interconnecting existing and potential providers while commonly exploiting the same infrastructure.

This project will support efforts to resolve trans border problems with DVB-T and coordination of the transition roadmap. Real conditions for implementation of the frequency plans and for cover full allotment zones. DVB-T and efficiency of radio frequency spectrum utilization. Exchange of ideas and experience for implementation of the DVB-T and development of hybrid radio communication networks.

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