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Utilization of the ITU Spectrum Management databases

Space radiocommunications stations on CD-ROM

                 The Space Radiocommunication Stations (SRS) on CD-ROM is a service document published (in electronic form) by the Bureau pursuant to Article 20 of the Radio Regulations. It contains information (alphanumeric and graphic) relating to satellite networks and earth stations recorded in the Master Register or in the process of coordination in accordance with Section II of RR Article 9 (RR Nos. 9.6 and 9.17) of the Radio Regulations and maintained by the Bureau in the Space Networks Systems (SNS) data format. The CD-ROM also contains information submitted to the Bureau under the procedures relating to the Advance Publication of Information in accordance with Section I of RR Article 9 and Administrative Due Diligence (Resolution 49).

          The other view of the satellite systems is the Space Network List (SNL) as a part of the IFIC publication.

Graphical Interference Management System - GIMS

GIMS is the ITU’s Graphical Interference Management System. It deals with the capture of graphical data related to satellite networks as well as interference calculations such as PFD examinations. The satellite antenna diagrams for all satellite with data in SRS database are in GIMS database.

You can view description of the  GIMS  options on help format or as presentations, prepared by ITU-BR.

As a 32-bit system, GIMS is due to be a replacement for the old 16-bit GIMROC application. As such it provides some database browsing facilities. Since the database used by GIMS to store the graphical information is slightly different from the one used by GIMROC the GIMAPI library had to be extended to provide access to “new” graphical data.

The GIMAPI32 library described in this document contains most of the GIMAPI functions as well as new ones providing access to the information in a slightly different way. The main modification is the introduction of the BR network identifier. So new structures and functions dealing with those structures have been added to the library.

GIMS database utilization together with SRS and IDWM is shown on:

Fig.2.7 – in spherical coordinates;

Fig.2.8 – on plain view.



Example for utilization of the GIMS database together with SRS database,  with IDWM database and with test points from Planned Broadcasting Satellite Systems (RR App. 30/30A) database is shown on Fig.2.10