ComBalSat -CBS


The FSS/FSS networks compatibility examination according to old RR Article 11 involve calculation of the p.f.d., dT/T and/or C/I. The procedures are similar to those of the AP30C examinations. The software platform is MS Access.  Examinations are manual or auto (chain calculations). The new point is the using of the SSC Database  “RRData.MDB”  with RR data in 14 tables for frequency allocations, services and applicable RR articles, resolutions and appendixes. The list of the tables is shown on  Table.6. The reference to the applicable RR provisions, footnotes, Resolutions and Recommendations is included. The p.f.d. limits are in the table “wLimits PFD” . Any change in the Radio Regulations will generate new tables in the database “RRData.MDB” on condition that the names of the database and the names of its tables and fields are not changed. The flow diagram of the main FSS/BSS examination procedures is shown in Fig.3. The satellite networks for examination are selected from the SRS database (Fig.2.):

- with the part of the satellite name in the Edit Box “LIKE” to fill the Combo box;

- directly by Satellite name or Notice ID number from the Combo Box;

-by Notice ID numbers in the field “NoticeID” on the Spread Sheet box for auto examination of the satellite list.