ComBalSat -CBS

COMBALSAT” is a research and consulting company in the field of the communications.

“COMBALSAT” provide:

Investigations, developments and consultancy services in different areas of the telecommunications using high qualified specialists.

Investigation and project of hybrid networks and mobile-digital TV convergence.

These activities are connected with new technologies in the telecommunications, development of software for examination of radio communication networks, spectrum management and frequency planning, projecting and coordination of satellite, terrestrial digital television and other radio communication networks and development of Internet applications; software training tools and Distance learning module, consultancy to communication administration.


The experts of “COMBALSAT” prepared documents and took part in International Radio Communication Conferences (WRC-03, RRC-04) and in the study groups and working parties of ITU, CEPT, International Astronautical Federation and International Astronautical Academy by:

Analyses, proposals and documents in the fields of examination and coordination of satellite communication systems;

 developments of specifications and software modules for automation of the Spectrum Management activities and its applications and for harmonization of the national and international frequency tables.

Automation of the Satellite Examinations and utilization of the ITU-BR Radio Regulation Art 5 (ITU-BR SG-4)

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