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The implementation of the future radio communication networks is needed of better educations especially in the new member states.

The resources and the education base of the universities in the new member states and in some other European countries are strongly limited in the context of converged and interoperable networked environment.

Software Tools and Databases for Wireless and Communication Networks are proposed which extremely high price and limited utilisation licenses (>100000 EUR for installation on one computer) and that do not permit its wider utilization in university and on technical schools. The graduated students in many countries do not have good experience on developing and analyzing integrated wireless networks.

The project SANANET proposes development of Open source Software Tools and Databases, Dynamic digital library and for Training, Analyzing and Demonstration for Wireless Communication Networks.

These tools should be used in engineering schools, universities and small research entities in a generalized mobile, broadcasting and common wireless environment.

The graphic presentation of the results, network simulation and demonstration will animate the education procedures. Digital library tools and content for wireless communication networks with possibility for management the intelligent content will increase the efficiency of training.

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Proposals for FP-7 Project

Software Tools and Digital Libraries for Training, Analyzing and Demonstrations for Wireless Communication Networks


Funding Schemes: STREP